ECHO Manual Sprayers
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Usage Categories
Forestry / Forest Harvisting replanted trees for production of wood, pulp, and paper, or the removal of native wood for construction and production of products.
Agriculture Maintaining property associated with farming, producing crops and raising livestock.
Services / Infrastructure Daily property maintenance and the landscaping of grounds involving parks, resorts, highways, and governement/educational properties.
Gardening Occasional maintenance of green areas, gardens, and smaller sized acreage.

Manual Sprayers


48 oz. manual multi-use sprayer MS-1H
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  • 48 fl. oz handheld sprayer for home and shop use.
  • Includes adjustable brass and plastic nozzles.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Viton® pump seal for maximum durability.


Displacement Maximum Discharge 1 l/min
Carburetor Max. Pressure 45 kgm (2.8 cm2)
Pump Type Piston Fuel Capacity 2.8 l
Chemical Tank Capacity 48 gal (1.5 l) Dry Weight 0.75 lb (0.34 kg)