ECHO 56V Battery System
56V Battery System
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56V Battery System

Blower DPB-2500

The ECHO eFORCE™ 56V DPB-2500 features a maintenance-free, brushless motor that delivers powerful, lightweight, and ergonomic design for longer runtime. A turbo button provides up to 549 CFM of air volume and an impressive 158 MPH and 17 Newtons.   Blower DPB-2500
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Turbo mode delivers 158 MPH, 549 CFM and up to 17N
Variable speed trigger for ultimate power control
Cruise control locks throttle for reduced fatigue
2.5Ah battery and charger included


Voltage 56V Motor Brushless
Battery 2 - 2.5Ah 2.5A Hour Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity 2 - 2.5Ah 2.5Ah - 126 Watt Hours
Battery 4 - 5.0Ah 5.0AH Hour Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity 4 - 5.0Ah 5.0AH - 252 Watt Hours
Run Time 2 - 2.5Ah 2.5Ah - Up to 90 min. Charge Time 2 - 2.5Ah 2.5Ah - Up to 75 min.
Run Time 4 - 5.0Ah 5.0AH - Up to 180 min. Charge Time 4 - 5.0Ah 5.0Ah - UP to 150 min.
Charger LC-56V2A CFM Max 549
MPH Max 158 Newtons 17
Weight (with battery) 2 - 2.5Ah 2.5AH - 7.7 lbs. Warranty -
Weight (with battery) 4 - 5.0Ah