ECHO Chainsaws
Proudly Japanese All ECHO products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.
Usage Categories
Forestry / Forest Harvisting replanted trees for production of wood, pulp, and paper, or the removal of native wood for construction and production of products.
Agriculture Maintaining property associated with farming, producing crops and raising livestock.
Services / Infrastructure Daily property maintenance and the landscaping of grounds involving parks, resorts, highways, and governement/educational properties.
Gardening Occasional maintenance of green areas, gardens, and smaller sized acreage.


Product Selector

Welcome to our Product Selector Guide. This was developed to help you find the best product match for your needs.

You must answer all the questions before a product recommendation will be served. You may see more than one selection and you will always be served with a “trade-up” model for more power and performance.

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  • What is the most common use for your chain saw?
  • Light on-ground pruning & occasional firewood cutting
  • Regular Firewood Cutting, Landscaper, or Tree Service
  • Logging, Tree Felling
  • Climbing, in tree use
  • What is the largest diameter wood you will be cutting?
  • up to 12"
  • up to 18"
  • up to 24"
  • up to 36"
  • over 36"