The ECHO Advantage
Proudly Japanese All ECHO products are designed and manufactured to Japanese standards. The Japanese flag designates products manufactured in Japan.
USA Assembled This flag icon, displayed throughout the catalog, designates products assembled in the USA, with Japanese-made engines.
Professional Quality
THE ECHO ADVANTAGE ECHO has proven time and time again that it is the technological innovator in the outdoor power equipment industry. The following product advantages are ECHO exclusives, and each one is designed and engineered into the most reliable and highest certified equipment available. Look for the following icons referenced on individual models throughout the catalog.
Power Boost Vortex Power Boost Vortex™ is our engine technology that burns fuel more cleanly and more efficiently. Incredible clearance tolerances are enabled through patented machining techniques producing a 2-stroke engine with greater fuel efficiency and performance through unsurpassed friction reduction, unrivaled heat dissipation, and incomparable acceleration. The ingenuity is Low Friction Technology, and the innovation is Power Boost Vortex™.
G-Force - Engine Air Pre-Cleaner The G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™is available on select ECHO chain saws. Before entering the air filter, engine air is spun around and around eliminating dirt and debris. This flow of air causes cleaner air to pass through the filter thereby increasing maintenance intervals and creating a longer-lasting engine. A longer-lasting engine means a longer-lasting product.
Digital CDI Ignition Digital CDI Ignition: provides more speed and efficiency and uses less fuel.
Rapid Loader Tired of the frustration that occurs from winding trimmer line? With Rapid-LoaderTM, there’s no more mess or fuss. Just insert precut sections of line into the trimmer head and you’re ready to go. Rapid-LoaderTM heads are available in two-line and three-line configurations and will accept line diameters from .095” to .130” for engine models under 25 cc and up to .155” for engine models over 25 cc. Available for all ECHO Trimmers and most non-ECHO trimmers, Rapid-LoaderTM makes line changes “lightning fast!”
Razor Edge ECHO’s advantages aren’t solely related to engine technologies. The RazorEdge™ blades are the sharpest and longest lasting around. The blades are precision-ground and laser cut for the ultimate sharpness resulting in quicker, cleaner cuts. And their sharpness will last and last well beyond that of traditional blades.
iStart - i-30 iStart - i-75 The i-Start™ family of starting technologies leads the industry in reducing starting effort. These patented systems are available on a variety of ECHO products. The revolutionary i-75™ system reduces the effort normally required to pull-start the engine by over 75%! And i-30™ starting technology reduces starting effort by 30%. You will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use that i-75™ and i-30™ deliver start after start.
U Turn Trimmer Head The U Turn® Trimmer Head allows you to reload a spool in seconds! Just insert a length of line into the holes on the side of the spool drum and twist the line onto the spool. One quick snip and you’re ready to go.  It’s that simple! U Turn™ trimmer heads will fit any ECHO SRM Series Trimmer.
Power Boost Tornado Many in the industry said a 2-stroke engine couldn’t be designed that would meet EPA and CARB emissions standards and still provide the performance demanded by commercial landscapers. ECHO’s Power Boost™ Tornado engine technology proved them wrong. With this engine, you get tomorrow’s technology today – without compromise.
PowerBlend XTended Life PowerBlend® XTended Life™ is synthetic oil that starts with an organic base and is certified for use in all air-cooled, 2-stroke, outdoor power equipment engines. It meets and exceeds ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345/FD requirements and has superior cleaning capabilities while minimizing exhaust port blockage.
Posi-Loc The ECHO Posi-loc™ pipe system ensures a secure pipe connection at all times. A series of grooves and ridges winds around adjoining pipes keeping sections connected. A simple twist of the lower pipe is all it takes to lock or unlock a section.