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Usage Categories
Forestry / Forest Harvisting replanted trees for production of wood, pulp, and paper, or the removal of native wood for construction and production of products.
Agriculture Maintaining property associated with farming, producing crops and raising livestock.
Services / Infrastructure Daily property maintenance and the landscaping of grounds involving parks, resorts, highways, and governement/educational properties.
Gardening Occasional maintenance of green areas, gardens, and smaller sized acreage.


Chainsaw CCS-58V

CCS-58V comes with a 16 in. bar and chain to trim or fell trees up to 12 in. thick. It combines power and amazing cutting performance for a cordless chainsaw that handles tough jobs. Chainsaw CCS-58V
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  • 16 in. bar and chain for larger cutting.
  • Variable speed trigger for ultimate cutting control.
  • On board tool storage for user convenience.
  • Brushless motor for superior power and performance.
  • Side access chain tensioning for easy adjustments.
  • Wrap around handle for user comfort.


Voltage 58V Motor Brushless
Battery 2 Amp Hr 2 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity 2 Amp Hr 102 Watt Hours
Battery 4 Amp Hr 4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity 4 Amp Hr 204 Watt Hours
Run Time 2 Amp Hr - Charge Time 2 Amp Hr 56 cuts / 6 in. dia.
Run Time 4 Amp Hr 112 cuts / 6 in. diameter logs Charge Time 4 Amp Hr 60 min.
Charger CBC-58VA Bar Length L
Chain Gauge 043 in. Chain Pitch 3/8 in. Low Profile
Weight (with battery) 2 Amp Hr Tensioner Type Tooled With Onboard Wrench
Weight (with battery) 4 Amp Hr Warranty 5 year consumer